Year: 2018

2014 – Sendy Ghirardi

It seems only right to begin this report with a thank you to the AIMIG association that allowed me to live this magnificent experience in an important institution like the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Israel Museum is the largest museum in Israel, it is ranked among the leading art and archeology museums in the world. …

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2017 – Camilla Balbi

I let a long time pass, probably too much, before I sat down calmly at the computer to write these few words, dramatically insufficient to describe what I have inside, what Israel has left me of itself, what Israel has allowed me to become.

Israel Trip 2018


Our annual Israel trip has ended also this year (Oct. 31th- Nov. 5th) with a big sucess both in participations and in satisfaction. Around 20 people hunting for experiences in the israeli universe. The big religions in comparison, with their archeological and spiritual sites, and the experiences of a very modern Country, which deservs always …

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Trip to Rome

Our Trip to Rome (2018, March 8-11) has been a real international success, with the attendance of 31 International Friends of the Israel Museum coming from 7 different countries: Italy, Canada, US, UK, France, Germany and Israel. Program Link Here you find some photos of the Group during the visits. {unitegallery ViaggioRoma_18}  

Venice trip 2019

Venice Trip 2019 (September 12-15) was organized in occasion of the 58th Biennale of Contemporary Art, this year titled May you live in interesting times. The trip was very very successful, all the effective 41 people involved (from 6 different countries: Brazil, Canada,Israel, Italy, USA, UK) were enthusiastic about our itinerary, also thanks to the …

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