SAVE THE DATE! Trip to the Secret Rome | August 31st – September 3rd Baths of Caracalla and Domus Aurea Israel Trip | October 08-13th Jerusalem and the desert of Negev Ferrara and MEIS Museum | November 18th/19th …. and other daily and two-day trips. For further information, or to subscribe to the mailing list and

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Florence Trip – 4 days in Paradise, looking for the Davids

On the occasion of the Florence music season of May (“Maggio fiorentino”), the Italian and International Friends of the Israel Museum visited the Renaissance city between May 26th and 29th: a three-and-a-half-day itinerary with interesting events, which received much appreciation and excitement by the 26 international participants from Italy, Switzerland, Israel, the USA and Canada.

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Zoom event: April 19th, 2021 “When La Biennale di Venezia Meets History (International Salon)

On April 19th AIMIG (Association of Italian Friends of Israel Museum) held an International Salon, with the attendance of the International Friends. AIMIG Co-President Alessia Panella interviewed Debora Rossi, Head of the Archive of the Venice Biennale and General Deputy Director, who guided us through a virtual tour inside the Historical Archive of La Biennale

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Scholarship 2019 “SCHAPIRA”- Cristiana Sandeva & Ben Schapira

Among the main activities which AIMIG operates to promote Art and Culture, every year a Scholarship allows Italian university students to attend a summer internship program (3 months) at the Israel Museum. This year the project continued and took its name from the person who kindly donated the funds, our Vice-President Manuela Schapira, to whom

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Venice trip 2019

Venice Trip 2019 (September 12-15) was organized in occasion of the 58th Biennale of Contemporary Art, this year titled May you live in interesting times. The trip was very very successful, all the effective 41 people involved (from 6 different countries: Brazil, Canada,Israel, Italy, USA, UK) were enthusiastic about our itinerary, also thanks to the

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Gala dinner 2019

In the rooms of Sotheby’s at Palazzo Serbelloni, on May 23, the Gala Dinner of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, managed by the Association of Italian Friends (AIMIG) in honor of Arturo Schwarz, with the introduction by the Chairman Contemporary Art Europe of Sotheby’s, Dr. Claudia Dwek. Over 120 people, with the presence of the

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