2015 Program


February 26th – Museo del Novecento: “Klein/Fontana. Milan Paris 1957” and dinner at  “La Collina Pistoiese”,  historical tuscan restaurant in the old Milan area, near the Museum.

An exhibition which invites you to reflect on the european cultural identity thanks to the analysis of the relationship existing between two of the most important artists of the last century.


April 10th/12th   – Milan  – Miart: Fiera Internazionale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art)

Preview on the 9th of April. 

April 11th/13th  – MIA – Milan Image Art Fair (Contemporary Photography Fair) Visit the preview on the 10th of April. Dinner hosted by President Davide Blei in his house.


May 14th – Milan Palazzo Reale Museum – “Leonardo da Vinci 1452 – 1519. Il Disegno del Mondo” and dinner at “Giacomo Arengario”, a restaurant located in Piazza Duomo, on top of the Museo del Novecento (Museum of  Twentieth Century). An exhibition hosting a series of important Leonardo’s paintings, borrowed from Italian and International museums, such as the Madonna Dreyfuss from the Washington Gallery of Art or the St. Jerome from the Vatican Museums, along with some original drawings brought from the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan and from other collections.

May 27th – Milan Triennale Design Museum – “Arts and Foods – Rituals since 1851” and dinner at the residence of Mrs Manuela Schapira, AIMIG Vice President. An exhibition, curated by Germano Celant, which will focus on those visual, sculptural, object-based and environmental forms that, ever since 1851, have revolved around the world of food, nutrition and dining together.


June 7th/10th  – Israel Museum International Council  (50° Anniversary)

Museum program

June 18th – Hangar Bicocca – “Double Bind & Around” and dinner at the “Trattoria Arlati” a typical Milanese restaurant. The first solo exhibition in Italy dedicated to Juan Munoz, curated by Vicente Todolì. The artist was one of the leading exponents of European sculpture of the last two decades of the 20th century. HangarBicocca is showing, besides some of his most significant works, Double Bind, his most important work, which was made in 2001 for the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern in London and never exhibited to the public afterwards.

June 25th – Milan Palazzo Reale Museum – Il Principe dei sogni. Giuseppe negli arazzi medicei di Pontormo e Bronzino. The twenty wonderful Medicei Tapestries perfectly restored during the recent decades, with the Stories of Jew Giuseppe have been reunited in Palazzo Reale in Milan for the first time after 150 years. After the visit to Palazzo Reale, a dinner at “Giacomo Arengario”, a restaurant located in Piazza Duomo, on top of the Museo del Novecento (Museum of  Twentieth Century).


September 17th – Visit to the New Fondazione Prada in Milan and dinner to the “Trattoria Calabiana”. A new building where the architecture exalts the contemporary art: new, old, horizontal, vertical, wide, narrow, white, black, open, enclosed…


October 11th – MA*GA (Museum Arte Gallarate) – “Missoni, L’Arte, il Colore” and dinner to the Restaurant “Idea Verde”. A great exhibition that the MA*GA Museum has set up to pay tribute to the creativity of the famous fashion house universally recognised.

October 23rd – 25th, 2015 –Save the Date Trip to Palermo – Gibellina and Segesta: to visit the “Cretto of Gibellina”, a land art work of the artist Alberto Burri in the centenary of his birth and the archaeological site with the Temple in Segesta, the Magna Grecia masterpiece.


November 6th/8th – Artissima Fair in Turin and Truffles in Alba .

November 12th/16th  – Venice: Biennale inside and outside.

End of November  – Dinner and Dancing Gala.