Minini Exhibition – Milan, Triennale year 2014

Forty years of Contemporary Art. Massimo Minini 1973-2013

An exhibition that celebrates a life of a gallerist (Massimo Minini) which represented in the past and still represents in the present days a guiding light for the lovers of contemporary art. It is a hymn to his career as it was for the Giorgio Marconi’s exhibition, one of the most important gallerists in Italy who was involved with main italian artists from 50’s to 80’s.

The exhibition consists of works that have passed through Galleria Minini, offering an authentic cross-section of contemporary art as told by the lead actor, who adopts a personal point of view, at times ironic and desecrating. Amid countless flashbacks, Massimo Minini pieces together, explains and tells the story of the various moments and passages in his characteristic manner, which has found a particular literary form in Pizzini. These “scraps” have become a successful book with short stories, brilliant ideas and tales about the artists he has met over the years.