Purim Smart Gala Dinner – 25th February 2021

Great premiere of an innovative event: a Gala Dinner via Zoom, celebrating the Jewish festivity of Purim!

It was initially an idea to overcome the loneliness that we are still experiencing by not being able neither to see each other, nor to attend any in-person dinners. The result was unexpectedly a great success, which encouraged us to publish the full video of the event, which we hope will be repeated in various forms as long as the pandemic lasts.

About 80 Friends attended the event (60 in Milan – receiving the dinner in their homes – and 20 in the rest of Italy). They were welcomed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Itzik Molho, the Anne and Jerome Fisher Director of the Israel Museum of Jerusalem Ido Bruno and the Italian Ambassador in Israel Gianluigi Benedetti.

Thanking all the participants, we are pleased to publish here the more or less 1-hour video of the whole evening (currently it is public, but soon it will be made visible only to the owners of the credentials for access to the Members Area). In particular, we thank the staff of the Museum, including Daisy Raccah-Djivre and Gioia Perugia of the Mandel Wing, who created for us a video about Purim and its history, the AIMIG Board and all the Members and not yet Members who attended.

Thanks also to the starred Italian Chef Giancarlo Morelli and his staff, who prepared a dinner masterfully interpreting the typical recipes of Purim, not least the “Hamman Ears” (a sweet of pastry and jam of superfine goodness) and GoVolt company , which has carried out the delivery of meals in all homes of our guests living in Milan, respecting the schedules.