Venice trip 2019

Venice Trip 2019 (September 12-15) was organized in occasion of the 58th Biennale of Contemporary Art, this year titled May you live in interesting times.

The trip was very very successful, all the effective 41 people involved (from 6 different countries: Brazil, Canada,Israel, Italy, USA, UK) were enthusiastic about our itinerary, also thanks to the active support of the Israel Museum’s Director, Ido Bruno, and the Fine Arts Chief Curator Mira Lapidot, who has passionately guided our group through many exhibitions.
Among all the exciting activities and exhibitions (Biennale, Guggenheim, Punta della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi, Fondazione Vedova etc.), having the opportunity to meet Anish Kapoor at our Shabbath Dinner – hosted in the private residence of our President Davide Blei, on Canal Grande – was a big deal for everyone who was there. For this we have to thank Alessia Panella, our Board Member, who was able to invite the artist with his wife and also Mrs. Ana Luiza Thompson-Flores, Director of UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture, who was happy to spend some time with us during the dinner and the Biennale visit at Giardini Area.
We hope to have this success also for the next editions of this trip, which involves every year many International Friends. 

Here you find some photos of the Group during the visits and activities.

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