With the aim of lending our support to the Art History students, we have concluded an agreement with the IULM university of Milan some time ago, in order to select, along with them, deserving students who could access to the Scholarships which AIMIG places at the disposal according to the amount of funds raised for such operations.

The implementation of the Scholarship project, started 4 years ago, which has already seen 3 female students doing internships at the Israel Museum with satisfaction, both on their part and on the curators, continues. The reports sent to us at the end of their work period, were exciting and truly surprising and you can view them completely by clicking here.

The first intern had done her thesis on the Museum, which really captured the attention; the second one was committed in the reorganization of the art collection donated to the Museum from Arturo Schwartz. The IULM University of Milan, with which we have always collaborated, is very happy and intends to continue this experience.

We offer the possibility to all those interested to this high-profile cultural operation, to encourage – and therefore to increase – the time limits and the number of Scholarships, also with the option to chose their name and thereby personalize your contribution in this matter. Contact us for further informations.