Arts and Foods

Set up in the interior and exterior spaces of the Triennale – approximately 7000 square meters between building and garden – “Arts & Foods” will focus on the plurality of visual and plastic, object and environmental languages ​​that from 1851, the year of the first Expo in London, up to today they have revolved around food, nutrition and banquets.

Curated by Germano Celant, the exhibition has a stratified and multisensory perspective, documenting the developments and solutions for relating to food: from kitchen tools, to the table set at the picnic, from the public articulations of bars and restaurants, to the changes that have occurred in relation to travel by road, by plane and in space, from the design and presentation of buildings dedicated to its rituals and its production. All intertwined with testimonies of artists, writers, film makers, graphic designers, musicians, photographers, architects and designers, surrounded by magnificent works and temporal memories that surprise.

“Arts and Foods” therefore involves all media and languages ​​masterfully interpreted, positioned and chosen by an admirable Germano Celant.

After the exhibition, we walked two steps in the green to reach the residence of our Vice President Manuela Schapira who prepared us a non-virtual food to brighten the evening.

During the dinner, the IULM scholar Sendy Ghirardi was introduced who on the one hand told us about her internship experience she had at the Israel Museum last October and at the same time her degree thesis discussed on 30 March.

The Fund Raising that Aimig has drawn from all of you is here a real representation.