GOLA, art and science of taste
Triennale – January 31st 2014

Produced by Fondazione Marino Golinelli in partnership with La Triennale di Milano, presents a reflection on the relationship between pleasure and nutrition, to take us to find out why the taste is a key ingredient of our lives, and to engage so strongly to the emotional sphere.

Its course is divided into five exhibition areas, dedicated to the same number of subjects where the insights of some great contemporary artists will be accompanied by scientific exhibits that explore the mechanisms, both related to learning as instinctive, through which evolution has hidden behind the pleasure of a moment, a complex assessment of the nutritional properties of the food that we are eating, alternating episodic and curious approach to a more systematic and interpretation.

Among the protagonists: Marina Abramović, Sophie Calle, Marilyn Minter, Christian Jankowski, Ernesto Neto, Cheryl Donegan, Anri Sala, Boaz Arad, Jørgen Leth, Gabriella Ciancimino, Sharmila Samant, Martin Parr, Hannah Collins.

The dilemmas of the omnivorous, Senses of Taste , Good to think, The secrets of junk foods and Re-construction of Taste, are in fact the themes investigated to reverse the aphorism that for centuries has prevented us from discussing the taste.

One can, or rather, one must discuss taste, both for the interest of the subject and for the extreme topicality o health problems resulting from a wrong nutrition, first of all.
But whose roots are right in the mechanisms of taste, disconcerted, in developed countries but also in emergent ones by now, by a too abundant food availability.