200 works by Leonardo

A visit to the exhibition that Palazzo Reale dedicates to the genius of Leonardo. 200 of his works, from all over the world, which the painter from Vinci has created from his youth onwards. Born in 1452 and died in 1519, the largest exhibition ever held in Italy is reserved for this absolute genius.

Curated by Pietro Marani and Maria Teresa Fiorio, it is divided into 12 sections offering a transversal view of his works: drawing, sculpture, machines, manuscripts and paintings, among which the Madonna Dreyfus of the National Gallery of Art in Washington or the Belle Ferronière from the Louvre.

A worthy event to celebrate and bewitch Expo visitors.

We met on Thursday 14 May in front of the entrance to Palazzo Reale, in Piazza Duomo, at 7.00 pm and with a dedicated guide, visiting the exhibition in all its aspects.

At the end, a dinner at the restaurant da Giacomo all’Arengario at the tables overlooking the Piazza del Duomo. Excellent food for a magical moment of aggregation.