Israel Museum Gala Dinner in Milan, March 23rd 2023

On March 22nd, 2023, in the majestic venue of Palazzo Visconti in Milan, a Gala Dinner was held, organized by the Italian Friends of the Israel Museum in honor of Maestro Emilio Isgrò, to celebrate the donation of his work “Cancellation of the Alhambra Decree and Imperial Tail” to the Museum (of which you can read some details on this link).

It was a night full of surprising moments, including a talk by Israel Museum Director Denis Weil, first presented in Italy by Aimig’s President, with an introductory update on the latest activities and news of the Museum, which celebrates its 58th anniversary this year.

Up next was the commemoration to Arturo Schwarz, Great Gallerist, Collector and Personality of the Art world, to whom AIMIG had dedicated the last Milan Gala in 2019 and whose memory was honored by Emilio Isgrò with enjoyable reminiscences, anecdotes and affectionate comments, for the man who was, among many things, also his first gallerist.

As enthusiastically moving was Prof. Marcello Fidanzio’s short but dense talk on the status of research concerning the Dead Sea Scrolls and some news about the Isaiah Scroll, topics which AIMIG will not fail to explore in depth during the forthcoming trip to Israel, with the visits to the Shrine of the Book and the incredible excavations at Qumran.

Another remarkable intervention was from Dr. Alessio Assonitis, Director of the Medici Archives in Florence, who announced “The Ghetto that does not exist.” A resounding tale about the research in the enormous and massive Archive from which an uncountable series of news about the great Florentine Ghetto dating back to the 1500s were extracted, and which will be the subject of an exhibition opening at Palazzo Pitti next October 23rd.

A charity auction of artworks donated by numerous artists also contributed to the liveliness of the event, conducted by Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Many of the artists attended the dinner collectors and lovers of beauty, for a total of 130 people.

A photo gallery of the event can be browsed and viewed below.

Photograph by Emiliano Scatarzi

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